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Licence 605644 Bonded and Insured
  • Concrete Overlayments in Riverside, CA

    So you're having problems with the unsightly appearance of your concrete surface. You're also having trouble finding the right option from what's available in the market. Should you go for a concrete overlayment or have the concrete removed and replaced? The Decorative Specialist in Riverside, CA, Decorative Concrete offers professional advice on what to choose from the many overlayment options available in the market today. Concrete overlayments available at Decorative Concrete Riverside, CA can help you hide imperfections and blemishes in your concrete surface which saves you from the trouble of having to go through the more costly concrete replacement or removal. See Decorative Concrete in Riverside and choose from a wide array of decorative overlayment options available and enjoy a more attractive and durable concrete less the high cost.    

    Find Metallic Floors in Riverside, CA

    Metallic floors combine functionality and style making this flooring system one of the hottest if not the most popular in the market today. Floor coatings that include genuine metallic powders or special reflective pigments, metallic coatings add a spectacular effect to your floors, a dazzling, shimmering effect that replicate the look of shining patinas. Finding metallic floors in Riverside, CA is made easy and convenient with Decorative Concrete. Decorative Concrete Riverside offers the best metallic floor options to give your floors the look of copper, silver, aged bronze and more. See Decorative Concrete in Riverside, CA today and make your floors come to life!    

    Riverside Decorative Concrete Pros

    Concrete used in floors, walls, driveways and patios have long been utilized as an integral part of structures. With the use of decorative concrete, concrete is not just limited as a utilitarian medium for structures. Decorative Concrete Riverside, CA offers a wide variety of decorative concrete options that allow home and business owners in the area to enhance their concrete as an aesthetic accessory, to make floors, walls, patios, driveways and more, attractive. The Decorative Concrete Pros, Decorative Concrete Riverside, CA has a wide variety of decorative concrete materials for you to choose from. See them today and transform concrete that's boring into something amazing!    

    Concrete Staining Experts of Riverside, CA

    Rich earth tones or a much broader spectrum of colors imparted to plain concrete floors. Yes, the luxurious richness that only concrete stains can give your floors can now easily be yours at Decorative Concrete Riverside, CA. The Concrete Staining Experts of Riverside, CA, Decorative Concrete offers concrete staining which is generally available in acid-based chemical stains and water-based acrylics. Concrete stains are also UV-stable and wear-resistant which make it ideal for use on exterior or interior concrete. See Decorative Concrete in Riverside, CA today and see how concrete staining can do wonders to your floors, countertops, walkways, and patios, as well as walls.    

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