Basketball And Tennis CA epoxy floors Resurfacing

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Licence 605644 Bonded and Insured
  • Basketball and tennis courts are also very good additions to your home or commercial space. Great places to spend quality time with friends and family, basketball and tennis courts are also excellent spaces to train and play and to bond with love ones. If properly maintained, these sports courts also increase in value over time, making it an excellent investment.

    For basketball and tennis courts to serve its purpose well and to appreciate in value, proper care and maintenance is necessary. Well-maintained sports courts also reduce the risk of falls and injuries making it safe for kids and adults to play.

  • But even with regular proper care and maintenance, basketball and tennis courts suffer damage that can’t be solve with do-it-yourself ordinary remedies. As your Decorative Concrete Specialist, Epoxy Floors Pro offers concrete services that provide professional remedies to your basketball and tennis courts’ problem areas. If a tennis or basketball court is not properly maintained or cleaned, issues including drainage problems, cracks and leveling, low spots that hold water, and mold, moss, and fungus removal will arise. Remember, only with proper maintenance, including resurfacing every 4 to 5 years, can you make your sports courts stay in good shape and keep it safe from further damage which results to higher repair cost.

  • Focusing on you and your family’s safety, Epoxy Floors Pro delivers top quality concrete services for basketball and tennis courts. Concrete Resurfacing offered at Epoxy Floors Pro gives clients an almost good as new surface less the expensive pay. Proper protection and maintenance of your basketball and tennis courts can also extend the life of your courts and protect it from wear and tear and the damage caused by exposure to environmental contaminants.

  • See Epoxy Floors Pro today to see if your basketball or tennis court needs to be resurfaced and to see what procedure or application best suits you. Your professional concrete specialist, Epoxy Floors Pro can assist you on what concrete resurfacing best works for you, giving you a durable and more lasting basketball and tennis court.

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