Airplane Hangar CA Epoxy Floors Commercial Staining

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Licence 605644 Bonded and Insured
  • Flooring in airplane hangars are exposed to extreme traffic, sun and rain, chemicals, and abrasion that result to wear and tear. Aside from these, air hangar floors are also exposed to heavy aircraft, dragged tools or equipment which means that hangar flooring also need to be flexible and strong and can withstand exposure to these substances without deterioration or staining. This is the reason why many airplane hangars use concrete in their flooring. Not only are concrete floors durable and longer lasting, the top quality performance offered by concrete flooring also make it safe and efficient for to withstand the extreme conditions in hangars.

  • However, the exposure of concrete floors to extreme conditions in hangars will result to damage that if left untreated can worsen over time. The use of epoxy coating in hangar flooring results to an extremely strong and durable solid flooring and often with strong mechanical properties that can withstand the extreme conditions in airplane hangars. Epoxy Floors Pro offers epoxy coating services ideal for airplane hangar floors that help promote efficiency and safety in hangar operations. Epoxy coating is also available in a wide variety of colors that add an aesthetic touch to a strong and durable finish.

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